Safety Boots in Nairobi Kenya

Safety Boots In Nairobi Kenya

Quality industrial safety boots are vital in the prevention of injuries caused by slips, ankle sprains, heat injuries and injuries caused by sharp objects. Our range of safety footwear is selected to provide thorough coverage in various industries. Ankle sprains, slips, heat contact and sharp objects can cause painful and avoidable injuries. Protect your employees and prevent interruptions to your productivity with our range of safety shoes.

Our range of light-protection industrial shoes can be worn at work and are stylish enough for leisure activities. In this category we emphasise comfort, hygiene, support and durability. Some of our shoes are unisex, we supply men’s shoes and we supply a range of industrial shoes specifically designed for women’s feet.

Our industrial shoes are selected to provide varying levels of protection as required in a vast selection of industries. For thorough protection, steel toe-caps shield the wearer from heavy, falling objects. Reinforced soles provide slip-resistance, heat protection and protection from injuries caused by sharp objects penetrating the shoe. Genuine leather uppers guarantee durability while various built-in mechanisms ensure comfort. Certain of our products offer elastic side gussets for ease of wear.


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Industrial Safety Boots in Nairobi Kenya

Safety boots have to provide the appropriate level of protection while on site, Tekiria General Suppliers Ltd provides a wide range of  industrial safety boots in Nairobi Kenya to suit the safety requirements of your work place. There are many types of safety boots available ranging from traditional steel toe caps over lighter aluminium to composite materials. Some worksites require that no metal be present in workwear, so composite protection is best in these situations. Choose a waterproof finish for full protection of your best work boots and to maximise all day comfort. Some work safety boots offer a penetration resistant midsole which is necessary on dangerous surfaces to protect the underside of the feet.

Tekiria General Suppliers Ltd has a comprehensive collection of industrial safety boots in Nairobi Kenya. We stock a collection of boots and shoes, which are stylish and comfortable and deliver the everyday practical safety protection your occupation requires. We have developed a reputation as the best safety boots shop in Nairobi Kenya for giving customers a great choice of styles and designs from a wide variety of market leading brands, whilst also delivering a customer service package that gives confidence to customers. 

We also make and supply Dust coats, Overalls, Company Uniforms and School Uniforms.

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