Protective Clothing

Coverals, overalls, Aprons(leather and waterproof), Chemical hoods/aprons, dust coats, Reflectors, Raincoats, Eskimo suits, kaunda suits, lady safety dress etc.


Company uniforms, school uniforms, corporate wear, corporate suitings, restaurant accessories, culinary accessories, scrubs, tailored housekeeping, security accessories

Foot Protection

Local safety boots, hiview boots, porcupine safaty boots, rock lander safety boots, work masta (gumboots), safety joggers.

Respiratory Protection

Disposable dust masks(china/taiwan), reusable mono mask, spare filter pads, single respirators (305), double respirators (306), full face mask, half face mask

Head Protection

Helmets, face shield, hair net, head scarf, welding face shield with handle and without handle

Eye&Ear Protection

Clear goggles, anti mit goggles, hydro spectacles, welding goggles, ear muffs, ear plugs

Hand Protection

Reignforced leather gloves, cotton leather gloves, nitrile gloves, examination gloves, domestic latex gloves, diamond grip gloves, heavy duty rubber gloves, PVC gloves

Road general/Fire safety

Fire extinguishers, fire stop, first aid kit, warning tapes, road cones

Fall Protection

Full body harness, single safety belt, single safaty belt D-ring

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