Overall suppliers in Nairobi Kenya

Overall Suppliers In Nairobi Kenya

Tekiria General Suppliers Ltd are suppliers of  high quality safety
workwear, protective clothing, coveralls and overalls in Nairobi
Kenya for skilled trades, food trade, engineering, production and manufacture. 

Tekiria General Suppliers LTD has a range overall which included kaunda Suit and Dust coat. These overall are primarily for use in industry and Tekiria General Suppliers LTD can brand these overall with your company logo and contactdetails. A popular way to brand overalls is to place your logo on the left chest and have your company contact details on the back. Branded overall ensure that your workforce can be easily recognized and will also promote your business . Work wear need not just be functional as you can use your overall to also promote your brand and corporate identity.

Choose us as your go-to workwear depot for all the top-quality protective garments you need. Our range of overalls offer full-body protection, wrists to ankles, and are used in various industries from agriculture to manufacturing. Add protective features and give your business prominence with our customisation solutions such as waterproofing, colour options and corporate branding.

Depending on the specific needs of our clients our overalls can be adapted in various ways to protect workers. Speak to us about customisations best suited for your particular industry


Overalls Prices in Kenya

Buy overalls/coveralls in Nairobi Kenya at affordable prices. 

Coverall/Overall Designs in Kenya

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