Dust Coats Suppliers in Kenya

Protect your personal clothing from spills and stains while enjoying ease of movement. We offer dust coats in a wide range of colours to match your corporate requirements and custom colours can be provided on request.

People who work in the catering industry, cleaning services or in laboratories constantly need to protect their personal clothing from spills and stains. Ease of movement is a further priority. Our dust coats are made of either 100% cotton (on request) or poly-cotton, depending on customer preference, and are also used by doctors, nurses and care workers.

The dust coats we supply are long-sleeved and mainly preferred by men while ladies generally prefer our tailored canteen dresses.

For your convenience, storage space is provided by two side pockets and a breast pocket while a button-down front provides a neat and professional appearance. Knee-high length ensures flexibility and comfort and our quality fabrics and stitching ensure durability. Corporate branding options are available on request.

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